In the search of crocus flowers

See the magic of crocus flowers in the Commune of Kościelisko.

Take a walk to see #hokuskrokus! The map presents other places where crocus flowers will be found. They are less crowded but as quaint as the Chochołowska Valley.

Click on krokus, to see the details or plan a route.

in the search of crocus flowers

Suggested walks

Ścieżka nad Reglami
Start your route in Kiry and go along the Kościeliska Valley and then across three clearings: Wyżnia Kira Miętusia, Cudakowa Polana and Stare Kościeliska. Next walk down Przysłóp Miętusi to the Mała Łąka Valley and Wielka Polana Małołącka. Finally descend the Mała Łąka Valley to Gronik where you can return to Kiry going along Droga pod Reglami. The trail is located in the Tatra National Park. Length: 10.8 kilometres, duration 4-5 hours.

Droga pod Reglami
A walk along Droga pod Reglami which is the border between the Tatras and Podhale. Start your route at the entry point to the Mała Łąka Valley. Then walk past the entry points to Staników Żleb, the Kościeliska Valley and the Lejowa Valley and finally arrive at Ziębówka Restaurant. This walking/biking route is partially located in the Tatra National Park. Length: 5.7 kilometres, duration: 3 hours.

The Tour of Kościelisko
A walk in the western part of Kościelisko. Start your walk by the parish church in Szeligówka. Turn right at the firehouse into Rysulówka. Go straight on for 700 metres, turn left and go along ul. Królewska to the biathlon stadium. Then turn right into ul. Groń and go to the end. Next go down a field road to Roztoki. In Roztoki turn right and return to the church going through Rysulówka. This route suits bikes as well. Length: 6 kilometres, duration: 3 hours.

A short route in Magura Witowska. Start your walk by Witowianka Restaurant and the ski-lift's bottom station. Go up a field road located on the left side of the ski slope. After 200 metres the slope will become flat. Turn left and reach another field road going south, down the slope. After you have arrived at wooden buildings, turn left to return to the main road in Witów. This route is perfect for hikers. Length: 2.6 kilometres, duration: 1 hour.

Below Ostrysz Hill
A trip along Pogórze Gubałowskie. Start your walk by the church in Dzianisz. There is a side road 350 metres above the church. Walk along it until you reach the ridge located next to wooden summit of Ostrysz. Walk along the ridge for 1.5 kilometre and as you can see some trees, turn right into a lane that will lead you to Dzianisz. It is possible to continue the walk along the ridge and arrive at the upper part of the village. This is a great route both for walkers and bikers, length: 3.6 kilometres, duration: 1.5 hour.

Be prepared to encounter some mud spots as you walk along forest and field paths in spring.